At Litehouse, we understand the excitement of receiving your outdoor lighting products promptly. To provide clarity about our delivery time frames, we've outlined the journey your order takes from placement to arrival.

Delivery Time Frames:

Our standard delivery service typically spans 2-5 working days from the date of order until your expected delivery date. This timeframe is carefully designed to ensure the safe and efficient delivery of your order to your specified location.

The Order to Delivery Process:

  1. Order Processing: As soon as your order is placed and confirmed, it enters our order processing system. This essential step involves picking, packing, and preparing your parcel for shipment.

  2. Handover to Courier: Once the order processing is complete, your parcel is entrusted to our reliable courier service for delivery to your address.

  3. Delivery Transit: Over the course of 2-4 working days, your parcel embarks on its journey to your specified delivery address. Our courier service works diligently to ensure a secure and timely delivery.

  4. Expected Delivery Date: The 2-5 working days encompass the duration it takes for your parcel to reach you from the date of order. Your expected delivery date falls within this timeframe.

Litehouse is committed to providing you with a seamless delivery experience. Our delivery time frames are designed to ensure your order arrives safely and efficiently. From order processing to the expected delivery date, we're here to make your world better, brighter.