Your festoon solar bulb string lights have arrived, and it's time to brighten up your space. If you're wondering whether they need to charge first, the good news is that these lights are ready to use right away. We've made them user-friendly and prepared to illuminate your surroundings without any delay.

Getting Started:

  1. Unboxing: Carefully unbox your festoon solar bulb string lights and verify that all components are included. You'll find everything you need to set them up conveniently.

  2. Selecting a Location: Choose a suitable location where you want to hang or place the lights. Ensure that this spot receives ample sunlight during the day for optimal charging. Sunlight is the fuel that powers your solar lights.

  3. Turning Them On: Locate the switch on your solar panel and hit the 'ON' button. If you prefer detailed instructions, consult the manual provided for guidance on turning them on.

  4. Arrange Your Lights: Hang or arrange your festoon lights as per your preference. Once night falls, you'll experience the warm and inviting glow that these lights provide, creating a delightful ambiance in your space.

At Litehouse, we've made using your festoon solar bulb string lights hassle-free.

NB: With the solar panel, there is battery life. Still, ideally, we recommend a full charge of your solar panel - either 8 hours in direct sunlight or 4 hours charging via a Type-C charging port, you can enjoy instant illumination for hours. Unbox, set up, and let the warm glow transform your space. 

Looking for a closer look? Click the link to watch our video showcasing.