Litehouse offers a range of extension cords to help you with ease and flexibility when setting up your Litehouse String Lights. All our Outdoor Bulb String Lights now come with a 2 Meter Extension Cord included in each box. We know you sometimes need a few extra meters to allow the solar panel to be in direct sunlight or the plug to reach the outlet. Please follow the steps below to ensure you purchase the correct extension cord for your string lights. 

Steps on choosing the Right Extension Cord for Your Litehouse String Lights

  1. Match the Voltage:
    • Standard Voltage String Lights (220-240V): These lights require a Litehouse Standard Voltage Extension Cord.
    • Solar String Lights (5V): These lights require a Litehouse Low Voltage Extension Cord.
  2. Match the Range:
    • Mini Range String Lights: These lights use a Litehouse Mini Range Extension Cord.
    • Festoon Range String Lights: These lights use a Litehouse Festoon Range Extension Cord.

Here's a quick reference table to help you out:

String Light Range Voltage Compatible Extension Cord

Mini Range (Plug-in)


Litehouse Mini Standard Voltage Extension Cord (Click Here)

Mini Range (Solar / Low Voltage)


Litehouse Mini Low Voltage Extension Cord (Click Here)

Festoon Range (Plug-in)


Litehouse Festoon Standard Voltage Extension Cord (Click Here)

Festoon Range (Solar)


Litehouse Festoon Low Voltage Extension Cord (Click Here)

*Voltage: Always ensure the voltage of the extension cord matches the voltage of your string lights.
*Range: Choose the extension cord specifically designed for your Mini or Festoon range lights.

Tip: While Litehouse extension cords are currently only available in white or black, they will still function perfectly regardless of the colour.

Want to extend your string lights further? No problem!

Our weatherproof connectors allow you to easily connect multiple extension cords together. This maintains weatherproofing and lets you reach farther, giving you more flexibility when installing your lights.

Here's the benefit: You can now place your power source in a convenient location that works best for your space, without worrying about the length of the cord.

Just remember: Make sure the total wattage of your string lights doesn't exceed the wattage rating of all the connected extension cords combined.

By following these simple steps, you can be sure to choose the right extension cord and enjoy your beautiful Litehouse string lights for years to come!

*If you are looking for more accessories or extension cord colours - visit our accessories collection page: Click Here