We're here to shed light on your bulb replacement needs! If you're wondering what type of bulb you need to replace your old one and whether it's dimmable, we've got you covered. To help us assist you better, please provide some additional information.

Finding the Right Replacement Bulb:

To ensure we recommend the perfect replacement bulb, we need a few details from you:

  1. Base Type: Is your old bulb using an E12 base (Mini Series) or an E27 base (Festoon Series)? Knowing this will help us match the right socket size.

  2. String Type: Do you have solar or plug-in string lights? This information is crucial for selecting the appropriate bulb type.

Dimmable Bulbs:

Great news! All our bulbs are dimmable and compatible with our dimmable adaptor. Once you connect the dimmable adaptor, you can easily adjust the brightness of your lights using its dial.

Explore Our Bulb Replacements:

Visit our Litehouse Bulb Replacements page to explore the bulb replacement options we currently have available.

Finding the right replacement bulb is a bright idea, and we're here to assist you every step of the way. Providing us with the base type, string type, or a photo of your old bulb will help us recommend the perfect match. Plus, enjoy the versatility of dimmable lighting with our bulbs and dimmable adaptor.